About Us

Zóescent {zo • ESS • ent} adj becoming alive; adding life; awakening. seeing old things in new ways. Zoescent exists to help you bring life to your business by bringing the world to your employees. We embarked on a journey to help improve business results and employees’ lives, and arrived at an elegant but powerful answer. Zoescent’s Vacation Wellness™ Program is unique in the ... Read More


Zoescent’s Vacation Wellness™ is an employee benefit program. It’s designed to help reduce your business’ healthcare cost burden, lower your company’s employee turnover expenses, improve your employees’ performance at work, and give your employees something to smile about! Vacation Wellness™ achieves those results through stress reduction, which lowers employee ... Read More


In today’s downsized business environment, the door to greater profit and productivity opens inward. Your staff is your most strategic resource, and a small investment in your talent can make a significant difference in your bottom line. We can help. A large company with over 1,800 employees and $450M in annual revenue implemented a Vacation Wellness™ solution. Their one-year results were ... Read More