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2 Easy Ways to Cure Sinus Problems

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Infections of the Sinuses are a major problem for many people.  The problems of sinuses usually start initially from infections of the respiratory tracts which block the sinus cavities.  When the sinuses are blocked the bacteria can build up very fast in the sinus cavities and cause infections.  The infections of sinuses are pretty bad since you end up having many irritating problems like blocked nose, nasal discharge and head ache.

Although there are many good solutions available for sinus problems in this article let us look at two good options which can be easily tried at home and really effective for sinus problems.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is used for sinus problems for a long time and it is proven to be really effective and it can be taken as tonic.  ACV has many many beneficial effects and it is a boon for the man kind.  Take two teaspoon of ACV in 16 oz of water two to three times a day.  Regularly taking it will prevent from respiratory infections from developing and prevent sinus problems.

ACV also prevents other diseases like flu, cholesterol and acne, so if you take this tonic you also get benefits in other diseases and conditions.  Apple Cider Vinegar can also effective natural cure for constipation since it contains pectin which is a natural fiber.

2. Humming with Exhalation

Humming with slow exhalation is also good for preventing sinus problems.  Humming meditation is a special type of breathing exercise which can help in preventing all diseases of the head and neck region.  In yoga it is part of set of breathing exercises which are practice regularly.  Breathing exercises in yoga are known as Pranayama and humming meditation is call Bhramari Pranayama since the sound in like a buzzing bee (Bhramari is the name for Bee in Sanskrit language).  Humming meditation is excellent sinus infection home remedy.

To practice humming meditation, sit in a quiet place.  Try to keep the back straight and close your eyes.  Now place your index fingers of both hands on the forehead, two middle fingers on the two eyes and the little finger on the both sides of  your nose.

Fingers should be placed gently.  Inhale slowly and deeply and start humming sound from the throat.  Concentrate on the humming sound.  You would be able to feel the vibration in your head region.  When you hum the exhalation will automatically happen.  Once you have completely exhaled, again inhale slowly.  Practice this for 9 to 12 times daily morning.

While practicing humming meditation there is a vibration of the air between the sinus cavities and the respiratory tract.  Due to increase air flow,  the air passage gets lots of oxygen and the infection cannot develop.  The cavities are kept  cleaned and you would be protected from sinus infections.

The practice of humming meditation also helps improve your voice quality and if practiced regularly you would be able to maintain the voice quality even in the advance age.

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