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A Brief Review on Contact Lens Basics for Beginners

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It was in 1887 that contact lenses first made their world wide debut and though it was only in 1971 when they were granted their US FDA approval, contact lenses has grown to take up the largest chunk in the corrective eye wear market.

Contact Lens Description

Contact lenses are tiny, eye shaped materials often made of polymers or hydrogel that are placed directly on the cornea. Though they were specifically made to correct eyesight maladies, the technology behind contact lenses have spurred in a string of additional benefits that further boosts their popularity. Contact lenses are preferred not just for their ability to restore visual acuity but also for their convenience, versatility and appeal.

Contact Lens Materials

Contact lenses are generally classified into soft and RGPs or rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Soft lenses are accorded with more comfort and are most suitable for first time wearers while the RGP’s are created with a more durable material and are thus popular among contact lens old timers.

Over the past decades, a number of engineering marvels have been added to contact lenses. Johnson and Johnson, for one, recently introduced its top of the line Acuvue Advance with hydraclear which allows for superior comfort and UV protection.

Contact Lens Prices

As contacts come in a wide spectrum of brands, designs, materials and labels, they are priced differently. But as number breeds competition, we now find more low priced contact lenses being sold today. To ensure that you get the most competitive rate available, you can simply search online and compare the prices of 1 day Proclear lenses on sale to get the most affordable price.

Contact Lens Uses

Contact lenses are designed to address a number of visual impairments which can run from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Furthermore, contact lenses have also been found useful in hastening the healing process for those who have undergone cataract surgery.

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