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Alcohol Poisoning and the Body

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There are different aspects involved in alcohol poisoning. One of them is the type of alcohol consumed. This aspect is vital because alcoholic beverages have different strength and potency. Another important aspect is the rate of consumption. This determines whether the body can be fast enough to break down alcohol so it will not damage important body organs.

Drinking alcohol means that you are allowing for this substance to be absorbed by your bloodstream. Once the alcohol gets into your stomach and intestines, it quickly gets distributed to other parts of your body. The alcohol affects the brain the way other depressant drugs or substances that. It slows down the entire function of the central nervous system.

One important organ that gets rid of the alcohol substance in a human system is the liver. The kidney also helps by processing the alcohol into urine. However, the liver takes time to metabolize the alcohol. If the alcohol content in the body is more than what the liver and kidney can handle; the toxic level increases and alcohol poisoning sets in. Liver diseases can also a result of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, which happens when an alcoholic’s body is adjusting to the sudden absence of alcohol in the bloodstream.

Alcohol poisoning can have many undesirable effects, including seizures and vomiting. The person can also experience lower body temperature. The most undesirable and most shocking are unconsciousness and death.   Being unconscious while the body is being poisoned is very dangerous because permanent brain damage can occur or choking because of one’s vomit. The body’s temperature can also easily drop because of a large quantity of alcohol. The water in the body is rapidly drained because alcohol naturally dehydrates.

Recognizing different alcohol poisoning symptoms is useful information that can save people’s health and even lives. A more important remedy is for individuals to drink in moderation or within their tolerance limit.

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