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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits for the Skin

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The aloe vera plant has been a medicine cabinet staple since the ancient Egyptians named it the “plant of immortal powers” and offered it up as a burial treasure for deceased pharaohs. Ever since then, its uses have grown to become more specific and therapeutic, and it’s one of the main treatments for sunburn.

Aloe vera is derived from the leaves of the aloe plant, which is native to Africa and has been utilized medicinally for 1000’s of years. The leaves of the aloe plant ooze a transparent gel when they are broken open and can be used topically to treat soothe skin and treat wounds, as outlined by the National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine. The green section of the leaf that encompasses the gel can be utilized for making a laxative juice referred to as aloe latex. The aloe plant is sub-tropical and can grow outdoors or indoors as long as it receive lots of sunshine and has no possibility of freezing. So why is aloe vera good for you and your skin?

Aloe Vera Benefits for Burn Relief
Aloe vera is mainly used for soothing sunburned, blistered skin. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, and it supports the regeneration of skin cells. Aloe vera also features active substances that might reduce pain, as outlined by Maryland University Medical Center, and for that simple reason supplies a refreshing, cooling feeling when place on the skin. Since aloe vera is mostly composed of water, it quickly evaporates and should be re-applied as often as needed.

Aloe Vera for Skin problems
Aloe vera features 19 of 20 amino acids needed by the body for great health, and for that simple reason it’s a powerful therapeutic agent. As well as the treatment of burned skin, aloe is useful for moisturizing flaky, dry skin. It has shown some promise too for treating more severe and chronic conditions like genital herpes, psoriasis, dandruff, skin ulcers, canker sores and others.

Making Use of Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is available in a number of forms and can be bought at just about any pharmacy. Pure and/or organic aloe vera can be bought as a gel, powder or juice, and should be lightly rubbed into your skin as often as needed. It is likewise regularly put into products like ointments, cosmetics and shampoos. Aloe vera plants can easily be grown in the home and the gel can then be extracted from its leaves and placed directly on your skin. Aloe vera plants can be bought at just about any plant nursery.

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