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Aluminum Free Deodorant – Ensuring Health Safety by Using Deodorants Without Aluminum

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Aluminum free deodorant is a big hit among modern consumers. However, aluminum is said to be found in many of today’s name brand deodorants and has been associated as a risk factor for brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, respiratory diseases, and even cancer. Although these products are designed to seep into the skin’s dermis, the harmful aluminum components are also being absorbed as well. There are only limited stocks of deodorants without aluminum in grocery or neighborhood drugstores lately.

If this type of deodorant isn’t available near you, you can browse the net using websites like or Amazon com. Although you’ll much be safer using these types of antiperspirant, it may be short-lasting and may result to a sticky feeling while using it. Here are a few named brands that don’t have aluminum in them.

  • Tom’s of Maine Natural Long-Lasting Apricot Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick is an affordable and, of course, aluminum free antiperspirant that eliminates unwanted odors and emits a refreshing apricot scent that could last for hours. It comes in a 2.25 ounce stick for only $4.90, available at
  • Another available product is the Desert Essence Aluminum Free Dry by Nature Deodorant. Aside from being aluminum-free, it claims to both minimize sweat and eliminates odors. It comes in chamomile and calendula fragrances that will keep you smelling fresh for hours. It weighs 2.75 ounce per stick and for only $3.56 at
  • Perhaps you’ll be interested in a more common household name like Adidas that offers an aluminum-free alternative to antiperspirant users. Adidas absorbent-Deo Wetness Control is so effective that, once applied, retains a microfilm substance directly on the skin and functions as a moisture barrier that will keep the user dry all day long. This is available in powdery scent, leaving you fresh and dry for 24 hours. It comes in two-pack bottles of 2.6 ounce per container that sells only for $29.95 at
  • These are only a few samples of the wide array of deodorants without aluminum recognized world wide. Finding the perfect aluminum free deodorant may be a chore, but at least you’ll be much safer and look for the product that suits you best.

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