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Bath Fixtures for the Physically Impaired

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People with mobility issues need appropriate amenities everywhere to make their lives easier and bathrooms are no exception. In case the person is restricted to a wheelchair, he or she needs a bathroom that is approachable and accessible, via wheelchair accessories, according to their individual needs. On the whole, bathrooms should contain large floor spaces for easy movement and accessibility to all of the facilities.

The web is a great resource to find all sorts of handicapped bathroom fixtures such as showers, bathtubs, lift-chairs, shower chairs, even a bathroom drink holder if you feel you need one. Besides, you may also visit your local pharmacy to have a closer look and purchase these accessories.

Using a lavatory stool less than 17 inches can be difficult for disabled people mainly when they have to sit and stand. Is your family or friend also facing a similar problem? Browse online or find suitable kits at your pharmacy that can raise the toilet seat. For extra support handrails can also be fitted to the seats. Most of these handrails are removable and can also be moved easily.

Shower chairs or bath chairs are also convenient in the bathroom to sit down and take a shower. Popular models have wheels fitted so that the disabled person can move in and out of the bathroom independently. Armrests are present in some bath chair models for extra aid. In few other models, holes are present in the seat for the water to run through.

Is moving into the bathtub and moving up and down a tough task for your dear one? Check out lifts chairs, with just a push of a button, this device can raise the individual and transfer them to water or wherever required. Lift chairs models come in two main types, with electric motors and with manual hand propellers (pendant controls).

One more useful accessory to have in the bathroom is the walk-in bathtub. This device is available in several types and sizes including small walk-in type, stand-in type and the large type that is accessible from a wheelchair. In this wheelchair model, the user can transfer seats effortlessly with minimum upper body strength. All models are absolutely safe for users, and some have what are mistaken for drink holders, but are actually reservoirs for soap and shampoo bottles.

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One thing is sure, technology advancements and the advent of these modern devices is indeed a great respite to folks with mobility concerns. With new advancements happening every moment, the future too looks promising for all those special people who take just a few extra moments to get around.