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In today’s downsized business environment, the door to greater profit and productivity opens inward.

Your staff is your most strategic resource, and a small investment in your talent can make a significant difference in your bottom line.

We can help.

A large company with over 1,800 employees and $450M in annual revenue implemented a Vacation Wellness™ solution. Their one-year results were compelling.

  • Customer wait time cut by 20%
  • 25% faster key staff recruiting
  • Better than 50% turnover reduction
  • 25% lower healthcare costs—saving over $2M
  • 1/3 lower absentee rate
  • 40% higher profits

All during the worst economy in over half a century.

Our program is optimized to help you if your business:

  • Self-funds employee health insurance plans
  • Employs professionals (healthcare, law, architecture, accounting, engineering, IT, design, development)
  • Employs a sales force
  • Has recently downsized
  • Is concerned about healthcare cost increases, staff turnover costs, or employee productivity

Get a detailed Vacation Wellness™ program overview today.