Employee Engagement

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Discover how a Zoescent Vacation Wellness™ Employee Benefit Program can improve workforce productivity.

More than ever, business profit depends on individual employee productivity.

82% of executives believe vacations improve worker productivity. Employees who take regular vacations are less likely to become tense, tired, depressed, or stressed – which translates directly to improved workforce productivity.

Regular destination vacations

  • Improve employee alertness, cognitive ability, and motor skills.
  • Spark creativity, innovation, and inspiration.
  • Prevent employee burnout.
  • Improve business profit.

Employees are more excited, motivated, and efficient before vacations. And workers are more relaxed, innovative, creative, and insightful after time away on vacation.

Employees who take regular vacations are happier, more content with their work situation, more productive, and less likely to make costly mistakes.

It’s clear that employee vacations improve business profits and lower workforce risk factors.

Improve your workforce productivity, and lower your business risk, through our Vacation Wellness™ program.

Receive a detailed Vacation Wellness™ specification sheet today.