Talent Retention

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Zoescent’s Vacation Wellness™ Employee Benefit can help you lower your employee turnover costs by improving morale and retention.

A full 43% of businesses guess their turnover costs, and 13% don’t even consider turnover expenses in their business strategy.

That’s a big mistake.

It can cost more than 300% of the position’s total salary and benefits cost to replace a departing employee.

  • Voluntary staff turnover costs the average 100-person engineering firm nearly $2M annually.
  • The average technology company spends over $4M per year replacing employees who leave for greener pastures.
  • Reducing turnover by 1/5 can save an average 100-employee professional firm $875K per year.
  • And keeping one employee in the same $75K salaried position for ten years can save over $675 in turnover costs.

Your business needs an effective employee retention strategy that addresses morale, motivation, and life balance. We can help.

Employee surveys show that an effective health and wellness program is also a powerful retention strategy. Vacation Wellness™ is a high-demand, high-value employee wellness benefit designed to help you attract and retain high-quality talent. It’s an elegant answer to a complex employment cost problem.

Don’t lose your star performers – get a Vacation Wellness™ fact sheet today.