Healthcare Costs

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Reduce your business’ healthcare costs through a Vacation Wellness™ Employee Benefit Program by Zoescent.

Traditional employee wellness benefits don’t work as well as they should.

  • They target the low end of the healthcare cost spectrum
  • They have low employee participation

Traditional wellness plans focus on employee body fat, smoking, hypertension, and sedentary lifestyle habits. Those factors add an average of around 15% to your healthcare bill.

Those are real costs, but not the really important costs.

  • Depression is the single costliest ailment, adding 70% to employers’ healthcare expenses.
  • Stress adds 46% to annual healthcare outlay.
  • Stressed and depressed employees add 147% to healthcare expenses.

Most staff wellness programs don’t address stress and depression, and most employees don’t participate meaningfully in traditional wellness benefits.

Vacation Wellness™ is different.

With miles of research behind it, Vacation Wellness™ tackles stress and depression simply and directly. It is an elegant solution that employees naturally embrace and enjoy.

Ask for a Vacation Wellness™ Employee Benefit fact sheet today.