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Can we really have a healthy skin with the help of essential oils?

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Our skin is the largest organ of the body and covers almost 98% of its surface, so it is normal to try to take care of it as much as possible. There are a lot of lotions found on the market these days, but being filled with chemical products they are sometimes not the best way to go when you have a problem. Essential oils are all natural elements which help the skin heal at an astonishing rate, but how good are they?

To begin with, every oil has a certain composition which makes it best in treating a particular problem. Even if there are oils such as almond oil for skin which are good at everything, they will not heal you as oil specially chosen for you will. If we were to get a lesson into the aromatherapy art, we would categorize the general-use oils as carrier oils and those which are the active ingredient in a composition as essential oils.

Furthermore, always remember to choose an essential oil according to its properties. If for instance you have a scalp problem such as alopecia (baldness) or dandruff, then essential oils for hair and scalp should be used. There are a lot of products out there these days so do a little research before going out and buying the first product which you see on display.

Moreover, now that we know these oils work, where should we buy them from? Well, you can get them from your local drugstore or retail store, but I would suggest a well-trusted source to be sure you are buying 100% natural essential oil and not an extract diluted in a carrier. An extract will never be as good as cold pressed oil, so choose your store well and stick with it in the future if you are satisfied.

To conclude, the essential oil is a powerful medicine if used properly, but don’t overlook the need for medication when you have a more severe skin issue. Go to your local generalist with you problem and ask what the best course of treatment is, mentioning to him your desire to use natural products.

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