About building insurance ...

Posted on: Feb 19, 2011 By: Steve | 0 Comments
What is building insurance? Building insurance covers owners of physical structures, including office buildings, retail buildings, and residential properties for lease, from damage and destruction due to fire, flood, earthquake, and other forms of natural and man-made disasters.  As the specific policy options vary with each specific situation, you should pay careful attention to the policy particulars as you begin the building insurance comparison process. Two types of building insurance coverage There are two main categories of building ... Read More

Commercial Insurance Tips ...

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What is commercial insurance? If you’re a budding entrepreneur getting ready to set out on your own in the business world, it’s important to know that there’s much more to setting up a business than just having a great idea or product and a lot of energy and passion.  Those elements are essential to success, but there are practicalities associated with business set-up that you should address early rather than late. Commercial insurance is one of those areas.  It provides three basic types of coverage for your business ... Read More