Do You Need Shoes For Diabetic ...

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Having your physician tell you that you are diabetic is always a big shock when it happens. Diabetes is a condition when your body is not able to control the level of sugar in your blood because it is not able to make or use insulin properly. If you are diabetic, you might have to take insulin and other drugs for the rest of your life to keep the levels of sugar in your blood under control. One important change you will have to make is in the way that you eat. You will have to stay away from eating sugar and a lot of carbohydrates. ... Read More

How to Reduce Blood Pressure ...

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Your heart is like a water hose in a sense that the more you kink it, the harder the water will have to push its way through in order to come out of the hose. Your heart too will have to exert more effort if your blood vessels aren’t up to the task of delivering blood smoothly. This is how you get symptoms of high blood pressure. It is easy to deal with high blood pressure as long as you know what to do and what to focus on. Most people turn to pills because they are very easy to use but the thing is, the real treatment requires a ... Read More

Free Radicals and Normal Blood ...

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Diabetic and non-diabetic patients alike seek answers to queries such as what are normal blood sugar levels and how to maintain them.. Normal blood sugar levels are those levels that fall within range after a glucose testing. However, others still need answers to questions on what happens if their blood sugar level spikes up. Aside from the dangers of hypoglycemia which could be fatal, other complications might also occur and may affect the vital organs of the body. Even as the body systems transform food into glucose for energy, waste ... Read More