World Spa, Ananada in the Hima ...

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If you think of the word spa it conjures up a world of sensual delights, where heady lingering fragrances permeate the air and skilled therapists are on hand to guide your body back into harmony  and balance through a medley of massages and treatments, enhanced by the use of exotic blends of ointments, rare herbs, fragrant oils and precious spices. All of this and more you can expect to find at the opulent Raj inspired destination Spa, known as Ananda which was recently voted the best spa in the world by the Travel and leisure ... Read More

Cancellation holidays ...

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What are cancellation holidays? If you’re not yet a Vacation Wellness member (call us, and we’ll set you up), and you’re looking for ways to save money on your upcoming holiday, cancellation holidays can be a terrific savings vehicle.¬† Also known as “global late deals,” cancellation holidays are inexpensive accommodations the arise when other travelers cancel their holiday reservations at the last minute. Because of the short notice, you can enjoy substantial savings on your bookings, but you should keep a few ... Read More