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Discover how to lose belly fat fast

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If you’re at all like millions of Americans, you might be fighting a difficult battle to lose belly fat.  It can be very frustrating to change your diet and lifestyle habits only to watch your bulging midsection stubbornly stare back at you.  Don’t be discouraged.  While belly fat is often difficult to lose, there are several ways you can start making a big difference in your health and appearance without breaking the bank and hating your life in the process.

First, it’s important to understand that there is really no effective way to “spot reduce” fat from parts of your body (short of liposuction).  Our fat storage locations are genetically and hormonally determined, and the way to reduce fat from one area of your body is to create the systemic conditions necessary for general fat loss.  Your body is intelligent enough to know where to find the fat it’s going to start using for energy.

Second, while you can’t really spot reduce, you can make a lifestyle adjustment to help your midsection out directly: reduce your stress level.  Cortisol, which is a primary stress hormone, has been demonstrated to cause fat accumulation around the midsection in disproportionate amounts.  To reduce belly fat, you should begin a deliberate move toward a less stressed-out lifestyle.

Here are a few tips for how to reduce weight and body fat.

  • Stop eating flour-based, processed foods.  This is not easy to do, because most of our food in America is flour-based.  Is it any wonder we’re the fattest nation on earth?
  • Stop consuming sugar and high fructose corn syrup.  This means removing sodas, fruit drinks, fruit juices, and a wide variety of other common items.
  • Exercise with high intensity over short duration.  This approach to the best exercise to lose weight runs contrary to popular wisdom, which says you should walk for hours on end.  Visit for more research on the subject.
  • Get lots of sleep.  This also helps with cortisol levels.

It’s not complicated, but it can be a bit difficult at first.  Just be persistent – it pays!

Health and wellness resources:

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