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Distributors of Affordable Supplements

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When shopping for a magnesium supplement some of the top brands to keep in mind are Magonate Liquid Magnesium, which comes in a liquid capsule format, Nature’s Way Magnesium, Spring Valley Magnesium / Zinc Supplement, MagOx 400 tablets, Nature Made Magnesium tablets, Maginex DS powder packets, Floradix Magnesium Liquid in 8.5 ounce bottles, Citrate of Magnesium oral solution for constipation and Swan Citroma Magnesium Citrate which comes in an oral solution – 10 ounce bottle.

Magnesium supplements may all have a different purpose, as per a physicians instructions, however one of the most popular uses for a liquid magnesium formula is to help relieve constipation, therefore the citrate of magnesium in the 8 or 10 ounce bottles are the best value. These can be purchased through some of the most affordable supplements suppliers that operate online, for example: Amazon caries one magnesium supplement used for constipation called Rite Aid Magnesium Citrate, which is an oral solution similar to the ones mentioned above, that acts as a non-addictive saline laxative, and comes in a lemon flavored preparation (10 ounces) for just $2.99. For a slightly cheaper version of the same basic magnesium supplement, try the Walgreens Lemon Magnesium Citrate, also an oral saline laxative, priced at $1.99 for a 10 ounce bottle.

AmericaRX is a place that offers really affordable supplements if you want to buy in bulk. For example the magnesium supplement I’ve been referring to – Citrate of Magnesium in an oral solution – comes in a set of twelve 10-ounce bottles (cherry flavored) for $18.56, which means that each bottle costs only $1.54.

CVS Pharmacy is an online shopping center for cheap vitamins, minerals and other affordable supplements like their own proprietary magnesium solution that’s unique because it comes in a grape flavor (should lemon and cherry flavors not go down so well) and costs just $2.29 for a 10 ounce bottle.

Another distributor of affordable vitamin and dietary supplements is Vitacost. They carry the Nature Made brand and have special discounts on many products – up to 30% off Health Food Store prices. It’s worth having a look at what they carry.

Although calcium, magnesium, potassium and other supplements can be purchased without a physician’s prescription, that doesn’t mean individuals should decide to take these products without first consulting a doctor. Many seemingly harmless dietary supplements can cause adverse reactions when taken in conjunction with medications or may be contraindicated for individuals with heart / kidney disease. Diabetics and those with chronic gastrointestinal conditions, or with bowel obstructions, should consult their specialists before taking any oral magnesium citrate solution to relieve constipation.

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