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Do Anti Wrinkle Creams Work?

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Anti Wrinkle creams are designed to eliminate and prevent the human skin from natural and environmental effects. Most of the world’s dermatologists agree that the factor involved in affecting human skin are UV radiations, sun rays, age factor and smoking. Most of the brands that produce anti wrinkle cream use the same ingredients with different concentrations of the ingredients. Anti wrinkle creams have cosmetic effects on the skin rather than medicinal. Researchers agree that the effect of the wrinkle creams is often temporary rather than permanent. Although it is advisable to use anti wrinkle creams to limit the factors which damage the human skin, yet while choosing anti wrinkle creams, one should be very careful and informative about the product.

There had been debate all over the print and news media regarding anti wrinkle creams available in the market. Almost all the high street shops stock anti wrinkle creams. Lets have a look at scientific research that has been carried out by the Scientists at The University Of Manchester. In this study there were 49 women and 11 men aged between 45 and 80 took part. All the individuals took part in the research were told to use either an anti wrinkle cream or any placebo moisturizing cream for six months. Their findings suggest that “At the end of the research/study there was massive difference in the effect of the use of these two products. Anti wrinkle cream proved to be effective by 43% comparing to moisturizing cream by 23%”.

Many Dermatologists agree that the research conducted was the first and only over the counter anti wrinkle or moisturizing creams available. The leader of the study said that “There are very few over the counter anti wrinkle and other cosmetics available have been subjected to the rigorous, scientific trail to prove their effectiveness”. Mr Griffiths also added that “Prescribed drugs such as retinoid have been proved to be effective to repair the skin aged by sun exposure only. But there is very little evidence that the plethora of cosmetic anti-wrinkle products have a similar effect”.

Most of the brands of wrinkle cream claim that the ingredients used to produce the cream are purely natural. From the perspective of various Dermatologists that this claim is more likely based up on their marketing strategy. Natural products used in the anti wrinkle cream are widely extracted from the plants. Plants are the very good source of eliminating uneven pigmentation. Few of the examples of natural ingredients used in the anti wrinkle cream are the extracts from green tea, cocoa butter, shea butter, evening primrose oil and manuka honey. All these ingredients have different chemical and natural properties. All these ingredients directly or indirectly contribute towards the balance of the hormonal changes in a human skin and body.

Natural ingredients have been used for the treatment and care of the skin for last few centuries. Most of the anti wrinkle creams available in the market are reasonably good priced with well used natural ingredients. Some how wrinkle creams proved to be more effective comparing to the normal moisturising creams available in the market.

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