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Do Not Ignore Sleep Apnea

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Work pressure and tremendous stress of work has wiped the sleep of millions of employees across the world. Today’s competitive world is more concerned on the development of the company rather than the health of its workers. One common disorder that has been witnessed among a large chunk of working professionals is sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disorder wherein the person suffering from it experiences pauses in his/her breathing while sleeping. Due the improper breathing, an individual cannot complete their sleep which will lead to several mood swings the following day. Sleep apnea, if not corrected in time, might further lead to several other diseases.
Central, mixed and obstructive are three classifications of sleep apnea. Few of which can be corrected using simple means while the others can be corrected through surgery. Of the three, obstructive form of sleep apnea is one of the common problems people are facing. Obstructive is mainly due to over-relaxation of esophagus muscles which in turn collapses the windpipe and blocks the airway. However, there is equipment introduced in markets one of which is sleep apnea pillow that will, to an extent, solve the problem of snoring. Snoring is the base indicator of sleep arena. Though most doctors insist on protein based intake as well as regular exercise, often people tend to overlook on the rules listed by the medic and prepare routine that is flexible to oneself.

It is compulsory for every individual to get a sleep of at least 6-7 hours a day which will relax the entire body and prepares the person for the next day. However, due to sleep apnea, people tend to take their nap in bits and pieces which will later affect their working schedule. It is always better to eradicate any form of ailments from its roots rather than trying temporary means of pleasures that would suppress the problem for the time being.

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