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Facts About Weight Loss Surgery

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When diet, exercise and other medical weight loss methods fail to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, then going through surgery is may be the only way to treat serious obesity. They are also some people who will consider having liposuction surgery in order to lose some weight and have the easiest way to reshape their body. With the new methods available today, there are still concerns on how safe is liposuction can be. As long as the procedure involves surgery, there are always some risks to be considered.

Bariatric surgery is relatively a new approach for treating obese people and is the only proven long-term treatment for clinically severe obesity. One type of weight loss surgery is known as a gastric bypass. Gastric bypass is minimally an invasive procedure that limits the size of the stomach and restructures the intestinal tract to restrict appetite and limit the calories the body can absorb. Gastric bypass surgery statistics shows that people who underwent this type of procedure are more successful in controlling their food intake.

Since obesity is sometimes accompanied by some life threatening diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes, hypertension, serious breathing disorders and circulation problems, the weight loss that results from bariatric surgery is probably the only way to avoid early death from weight related medical conditions. However, the end result can differ since it will ultimately depend on the individual’s post-surgical commitment for adopting new dieting plans or participating in a routine exercise programs.

Since it is a surgical procedure, there are some people who are not qualified for the operation. For instance, if a person has a negative reaction to the anesthesia, he or she is disqualified. Bariatric surgery candidates must be morbidly obese, which usually means 100 pounds overweight for men or 80 pounds overweight for women. Always make sure you consult first with a qualified surgeon regarding your weight problem.