Broadway Travel Guides and Tips

The neon lights are definitely bright on Broadway.  Rivaled only by London’s theatre district, New York’s most famous boulevard is both theatrical paragon and tourist nirvana, featuring the world’s best shows and performers in an iconic setting with fantastic dining and an unmatched atmosphere in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities.  As you research your Broadway travel excursion before booking, it’s best to keep a couple of things at the forefront of your mind.

Tip 1:  Bring more money than you think you’ll need.

First, add 50% to what you think you’re going to spend once you arrive on Broadway.  For example, if you think you might spend $1,000 during your stay, it’s best to budget $1,500, for three reasons:  first, despite the recent US economic recession, New York remains one of the world’s most expensive cities.  Everything costs more in New York, from a sandwich to a posh evening out.

Second, New York in general, and Broadway in particular, is a service-driven economy.  Waiters, hotel valets, parking attendants, cab drivers, theater ushers, and other service professionals depend on gratuities for their livelihood, and you’ll be surprised at how often you reach for your pocketbook for a tip.

Perhaps most importantly, you’re going to have an absolute blast, and you’ll discover more to do on Broadway than you anticipated.  You’ll likely find another show or two to take in, or another high end restaurant to try.  You might also discover the shopping is more to your liking than you anticipated.

Tip 2:  Consider travel or holiday insurance.

While New York is no longer known for its crime rate, and is actually a very safe city to visit, it is still a major metropolitan area.  As such, just like London and Paris, traveling to New York involves a bit of theft risk.  Consider purchasing a single trip holiday insurance package that includes coverage for loss or theft of your personal items and money.  Odds are slim that you’ll need to exercise your coverage, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tip 3:  Peruse a guide book.

There is no shortage of Broadway and New York tourist information, and you should take advantage of the wealth of advice to point you in the right direction for hotel accommodations, attractions, shows, restaurants, and shopping.  Nobody knows precisely what you’ll like better than you do, so trust your instincts and follow where you research leads you.  However, be certain that the advice you follow comes from independent third-party reviewers.  Clever salesmanship often substitutes for objective evaluation, so be certain that there’s no commercial interest backing the recommendations you follow.  Most infomercial-type travel advertisements are required to show you the fine print, so be sure to read closely before following travel advice.

Tip 4:  Consult a New York resident or veteran traveler.

New York is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, so chances are good that you know someone who has visited Broadway in the recent past.  Even better, you may know someone who lives in the city.  Mention to your friends that you’re planing a Broadway travel adventure, and you may be surprised at who has helpful experience-based advice to offer.

Broadway is one of the world’s travel gems.  Plan well in advance for your New York excursion, and you’ll enjoy the trip of a lifetime.