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How to Avoid Food Allergies

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These days food allergies are very common due to which people avoid allergy tests. Food allergies can be life threatening and if a person is not aware of the allergy symptoms they have, it might get him into great dangers. This article will guide you through such allergies symptoms and how to avoid these allergies.

Some of the symptoms can be skin infections, swelling on certain part of your limbs, abdominal disorders or even a flu. Skin reactions such as hives, rashes, minor bumps and itchiness are minor symptoms of a food allergy whereas some moderate symptoms include swelling in the throat or the esophagus which may effect breathing. The major symptoms consist abdominal or intestinal problems such as diarrhea, nausea or frequent vomiting these symptoms may cause serious gastrointestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns disease and lactose intolerance. Many people try to treat their flu or cold with the respective medicines, however if a cold of flu has occurred due to a food allergy then these medicines may not respond to the related medicines, in this case you should try taking an allergy medication after consulting an expert.

The major four foods that cause allergies are corns, dairy products, wheat and soy. The sad fact is that soda contains high fructose corn syrup which is also corn and you have to avoid these foods to treat or prevent yourself from food allergies. Reading labels on everything you eat is the best way to know if certain products have any of these four foods or not this will help you avoid them. If it is hard for you to avoid all the four foods, which obviously is! Then you may choose one of these eatable for a day. For example if it is a dairy products day then you can have cheese, yogurt and milk with your meals, dont take more than one of these products in a same day. Be cautious when it is a wheat day as most of the wheat products also have dairy in them.

After taking all the four days avoid eating any of the foods in the fifth day, if you are allergic then see the difference in the symptoms for yourself! However if no changes appear then you are not allergic. Congratulations! Which means that if you have any of the symptoms they are due to some other reason and not your food. Acting on this challenge is very tough but it is so worth it. So make your food journal today and start acting on this guide!

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