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How to Control Your Addiction to Facebook

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Today, there are millions using the social networking site, Facebook.  It is a method of being in touch with old friends and finding new ones.  To most people, Facebook addiction disorder is being harder to control.  Many spend long hours talking to friends or playing games.  The site offers so much that it seems to take full control of people and their daily lives.  There are a few things that you can do to reduce this addiction.

Control yourself to just a ‘once a day’ login.  Most people just want to sit by it the whole day and keep checking, and eventually you keep moving from one to another and spend long hours.  Just once will be more than enough.

Manage your time when you log in.  Do what is most important and when your time is over – just log off.  Try to keep your time to a minimum to avoid spending too long on this site.

If you only log on to Facebook with your computer, avoid using it.  You can even unplug it or even disconnect your Internet, if it means better control.  This will make connecting more difficult and not at your finger tips.  When you see the computer off you are then reminded on your control on Facebook.

Try to do something more constructive rather than Facebook, such as new hobby.  New things are much more fun than Facebook.  These are much healthier and will keep you better occupied.

Some tend to have these applications even on their phones.  These make the addictions even greater.  It is best that you get rid of all these applications in order to reduce the Facebook addiction.

If Facebook addiction continues to pose a problem in your life it is best that you completely get rid of it, especially if you lack a discipline to change.

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