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How To Get Rid of Cystic Acne: Helpful Tips

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Have you encountered acnes that are very painful and are very large than that of regular acnes? This kind of acne is commonly known as cystic acne. The difference between cystic acnes to that of regular acnes such as pimples or whiteheads is that it burrows through the skin layer quite much deeper.

How can you acquire such skin blemish such as this? You can acquire it if your body is producing excessive amount of sebum particularly if these sebum are not cleansed once in a while. Stocked up sebum will solidify. Acne cysts will also appear if there is irregular cell regeneration in the skin follicles. And will worsen if the keratosis is not released. The cells within the clogged skin follicles will slowly die and this area will be very much susceptible to bacterial infection.

There are a lot of aspects that will influence the intensity and severity of skin acnes. Some of these aspects are increased sebum production, changes on the level of the body’s hormones, genetic background, lifestyle, stress and a lot more.

Attributable to the characteristic of cystic acnes, the healing time of such is considerably much longer than those of regular skin acnes. If the intervention is not that proper or the condition is ignored then the probability of it turning into an unwanted scar or uneven discoloration is most certain.

For you to be sure that there is a slight chance that unwanted results may happen, asking for medical assistance from dermatologists would be the best option. They specialize in the proper treatment of such condition. One drug that is usually prescribed is Isotretinoin, otherwise known as Accutane.

The mode of action of Accutane is that it operates by disseminating the size of the skin pores and oil glands which will greatly help in decreasing the amount of sebum production. The person undergoing such treatment will experience depression or even suicidal thoughts while on treatment.

If you don’t want to take that medication, then there are other options which you can actually consider. However, it demands a large sum of money. These options are cortisone injection, laser therapy or surgery. These options are very effective and its results can be seen immediately. For additional details concerning the subject matter, you can surf the internet on ways to get rid of cystic acne.

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