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Three tips on how to reduce weight naturally

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Concerned about how to lose weight?

Would you like to do it naturally, and without expensive diet potions, formulas, drink mixes, pills, or other methods that you’ll never stick with?


Because the most effective way to reduce weight safely and quickly – and keep the weight off for the long haul – is to learn how to reduce weight naturally.

Let me take a moment here to qualify the phrase “lose weight.”  We’re not talking solely about reducing the number of pounds you read when you step on a scale to weigh yourself.  If you’re considerably overweight or obese, then yes, you’re going to see your weight drop as you get in shape.  But what we’re really looking to accomplish is to increase the ratio of lean body mass to total body mass by reducing your body fat percentage.  I interviewed an employee recently who, after three years on a strenuous fitness program, told me that she weighs more than she ever has in her life, but that she’s leaner than at any other time in her life.  That’s a good thing.

How to reduce weight naturally

So put down the fad diet book, and you can put away the blender.  Here are three tips on how to reduce weight naturally, safely, and sustainably.

  1. Stop eating processed carbohydrates. Processed carbs are basically ground up grains, which permeate our Western existence – bread, bagels, English muffins, cereals, cakes, brownies, etc.  Why?  For two reasons: first, they contain gluten, which is incompatible with human digestion and causes long-term digestive problems in a growing percentage of society.  Second, breads generate an unhealthy insulin spike that leads to excess fat storage and other problems.  See our posts on clean eating and fat burning foods for more information.
  2. Stop eating and drinking sugar. It’s in an alarming number of processed foods and drinks.  There biochemists who believe that sugar and high fructose corn syrup are responsible for the vast majority of obesity cases in the US.  Stop drinking soda, energy drinks, and the like, and avoid sugary foods, desserts, etc.  I know.  It’s going to be hard for a while.  But it’s worth it.
  3. Exercise regularly, at high intensity. I’m not suggesting that you should exercise yourself to death, but I am suggesting that you should be gasping for breath at the end of every metabolic conditioning workout you do.  Walking on a treadmill is better than sitting on your rump, but it isn’t exercise.  Get out there and move!

No pampering, and no frills.  Clean up your diet, and get high intensity exercise.  It’s the best way I know how to reduce weight fast and naturally.