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Is a Superapubic Catheter Right for You?

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Unless you require a type of permanent catheterization then you may or may not be familiar with a superapubic catheter. If you are unaware of how this catheter has helped so many men and women and suffer from one of the many types of urinary incontinence it is important to speak to your urologist and find out why so many people are making the switch to a superapubic catheter. There are many ways to empty the bladder, but not all of them are as healthy or nearly as comfortable as this method.

The health aspect is due primarily to location and insertion. If you use an intermittent or indwelling catheter then you probably already know about how painful your urethra can become when a cath must be slid in and out repeatedly. This is not even an issue with a superapubic catheter. It is pushed into the bladder from a very tiny cut in the muscles of the abdominal wall just above the pubic bone. From here, it is only a short journey to the bladder. You will find that you have far fewer urinary tract infections and less pain with this type of catheter. Men that use a superapubic catheter may have the same health benefits as those who use a condom catheter or other male external cath.

You will also enjoy increased comfort from a superapubic catheter. This is especially true if you use a wheelchair regularly. No more sitting on hoses or twisting a hose, which may lead to a potential clog or leak. Because this catheter is positioned up higher, it stays out of the way. Changing it is more comfortable in most cases, too, because only a short length is required and the opening is well suited to receive the tip.

If you need a constant catheter for overflow incontinence or another bladder issue take the time to ask your doctor or urologist about superapubic catheters and determine if one may be right for your particular incontinence situation. The health benefits and comfort make them a great choice.

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