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Learn About Eye Allergies And Treatment Options

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There are many people who suffer from eye allergies. Unfortunately there are several factors that could contribute to their problem including food allergies, environmental airborne substances, pet dander and dust mites. Some of the food items that have been known to cause allergic reactions in the eyes are fish, wheat, eggs, peanuts, soy and milk. The most susceptible folks are those who have had problems with atopical allergies which are those of the skin. One of the conditions which make a person more likely to get eye allergy symptoms is those with eczema.

There are different treatments for the condition which depend on the severity of it. One is to use eye drops. Not all have to be by prescription though the most powerful ones do have to be prescribed. It is important when shopping for an over the counter eye drop for the eyes to read its label and make sure it has the substances in it that counteract the swelling and itch. There are topical ointments that are prescribed by a physician that are oozed into the eye by way of the eye lid. This kind of medication feels strange when it is put on but needs only a little time for the body to adjust to its presence and then it is able to begin working.

The symptoms of allergy eyes is swelling of the eyelids, the whites of the eyes are red and blood shot, there can be an excess of moisture that is created by the eye that will gather around the eye lashes and sometimes seal the eyes shut. These are typical symptoms. In worse cases the eyesight can be affected. The most harsh but also rare cases will cause blindness if not treated by a doctor.

The use of topical steroids is very effective though should only be used under supervision. There are side effects that will have detrimental effects if over used. The use of steroids topically will slowly thin the flesh of any level it is used on frequently. This includes the skin, eye lids, lining of the eye and more.

One of the types of eye allergy that many people deal with is called conjunctivitis with atopic dermatitis. This is when the lining of the white of the eye and the cornea become inflamed. This is a more severe type which shows itself with red areas appearing on the lids, scaly crust will appear and not completely go away, the eye lids will visibly thicken and the eyes will become light sensitive. This is one of the worst kinds of allergy to have. It can cause permanent scarring of the cornea and visual changes can occur.

One of the best items for a home where someone has eye allergies is to purchase an air purifier. There are several styles in the market but they will remove pet dander, dust mites, pet hair, and many of the chemical substances that are naturally in the atmosphere. The purchase of one of these and listening to the doctor are the two best ways to be most comfortable when the allergy season is upon you.

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