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Memory Supplement Primer

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There is much hype about taking a memory supplement to boost one’s memory. Before taking a plunge and making that decision, it is best to make an informed choice and read up on it first.  Any drug, supplement, nutraceutical or medicinal food is classified as a nootropic.  When ingested regularly and used properly, they are said to optimize certain mental processes like memory, concentration and intelligence to enhance learning and recall.  They do this by improving the flow of highly oxygenated blood through the vessels ensuring that the brain has a steady and adequate blood supply.  This simple process ensures brain efficiency on cognitive processes.

Ask any health expert and the first thing that comes to mind to recommend is the intake of a substance known as ginkgo biloba.  Extracts or concentrates of this are derived from a tree known as the maidenhair tree.  They are valued not only for their culinary and medicinal properties but also for their effect in enhancing the memory.  These properties have been isolated as effects of flavonoids, terpenoids and 40 other elements that are found to be contained by ginkgo biloba.

Another such cognitive enhancer is gotu kola.  They help facilitate improved mental function much in the same way as ginkgo biloba.  They assist in ensuring smooth circulation of the blood to the brain.  They have also been proven to delay the deterioration of memory and optimize mental acuity.

Drinking green tea help improve brain function because they contain antioxidants that break down free radicals.  There are also vitamins for memory enhancement that duplicate this effect.  These include vitamins C and E found in certain fruits and vegetables.  The B vitamins like folic acid, B6 and B12, along with beta carotene also contain these same natural antioxidants.

For more in depth information about nootropics, consult a medical professional.

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