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More About Golfer’s And Tennis Elbow

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Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis) are injuries on the outer part of the elbow characterized by soreness, pain, inflammation and discomfort. These are injuries that come about as a result of overuse and strenuous use of the elbow in activities or tasks that demand repetitive use of the arm. The tendons affected are strong fibrous tissues that connect the arm bone to the muscles. Although tendonitis is a very common injury, the most affected people are those that are aged between 35 and 65 and use their arms daily in strenuous activities. If you have sustained this injury or someone you care about has, read on because I will furnish you with more information you need to know about elbow tendonitis.
The symptoms
The golfer’s elbow symptoms and tennis elbow symptoms are basically the same, the initial symptoms may often pass unnoticed or can be ignored by the patient because they are very mild. They include soreness, tenderness and tingly sensation on the elbow, slight pain and inability to properly coordinate the movements of the wrist and the fingers. Later on, these symptoms will be replaced by an excruciating pain, inflammation, swelling and complete inability you use the arm even in light tasks such as opening doors and typing. This does not mean that the injury is very severe though, you can still treat the injury right at home.
The treatment
The remedies for tennis and golfer’s elbow are conservative, rest is the most important thing because the tendons have to heal naturally and this process can be very gradual. There are some medicinal remedies though that a patient can use depending on the symptoms experienced including anti-inflammation medications and painkillers. Keeping the elbow elevated, compressing the arm and wearing an arm brace are some of the simple things that matter a lot in the protection of the injured elbow from further harm.