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Most Consistent Pitted Acne Scar Treatment

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There are quite a number of pitted acne scar treatment options available for those who are looking to reduce the appearance of such unattractive blemishes. Come across into some of these various methods of treatment, or even consult them with a professional dermatologist to make sure of the right treatment for your acne scar.

Pitted Acne Scar Caused

Pitted acne scars are caused by diminution of tissue from damage to the underlying skin tissue. It can as well be as a softer scar similar to the scars that are caused by chicken pox. This type of scar can be handled with natural remedies. However, discipline and determination will be required as it can take two to three months depending on the severity level of the scar and it may get even longer if damage to tissues is too deep.

Pitted Acne Scar Treatment Differs

Treatments like chemical peeling, dermabrasion or laser treatment can be used to die away the scars. But these treatments are measured to be very aggressive and so it is suggested that you aim natural scar remedy first, since those aggressive methods have possible side effects.

• Chemical peel- use to apply chemical solution into the skin surface, making the skin to erupt and fall off and then let a new skin cells to develop. If you want to use any of these treatments you must first consult a dermatologist since many of these treatments has potential side effects and may not be appropriate for you, particularly for pregnant women who must acquire extra care. It is recommended to still try natural methods prior to those aggressive treatments.

• Dermabrasion- use to remove damaged skin and thus allows the growth of fresh skin underneath. The procedure takes about an hour and it has been around for long.

• Laser treatment- use to remove damaged skin as well, it is comparatively new however the rates are promising and it takes shorter time to complete the procedure. The cost of this kind of treatment can be expensive.

Either one of these pitted acne scar treatment available are very good choices for individuals that really want to be clear of pitted acne scars for good. You can also opt for acne home remedies such as a tea tree oil acne remedy.

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