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Neck and Shoulder Pain

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Our neck and shoulders are composed of different muscles, veins, arteries, bones and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons. We always feel pain in our neck and shoulders because we always use them. There are many causes of neck and shoulder pain. We will talk about it below including the remedies you can do to feel relief.

What are the causes of shoulder and neck joint pain?
• Injury: This is the most typical cause of neck and shoulder pain. When you get injured, your neck and shoulders will be traumatized. That is why when you do something, you will feel pain.
• Structural stress: Your posture can give stress to your neck and shoulders and that is why you have pain in those areas.
• Bones and Joints: It can also be your bones and joints are the cause of the pain you feel. There are cases that someone is born with an abnormal bone and joint structure and it causes them pain.
• Diseases: You can feel pain in your neck and shoulders if there are already certain diseases affecting those areas and the pain that you feel is just one of its symptoms.
• Muscle Strain: Your muscles can be strained from different activities that you do or it could be from an injury. This will also cause you pain.

How can it be diagnosed?
Physical and history examination can be done by the doctor to diagnose this, but he can also do some tests like X-Ray, CT scan, ECG, Blood Tests and MRI.

How can you get treated?
If you only have mild pains in your neck and shoulders, you can do other treatments that can be done at home like resting, application of ice, the application of heat after a week, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers and anti inflammatory supplements. After you do these treatments you should prevent yourself from doing activities that will require you to use your neck and/or shoulders because it can cause you neck joint pain. You should also maintain a good posture and have your injuries checked if there are any because it might be the cause of the pain.