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Several Fine Herbs for Natural Hair Loss Treatment

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Treatments for hair loss can be divided in two classes: you have the all-natural herbal hair loss remedies and OTC hair loss treatments. Sadly, not many people who endure excessive shedding of hair are aware of the natural herbal remedies. Normally, they get frustrated and discouraged after spending much of their resources on OTC treatments that fail miserably at backing up their claims of eradicating hair loss as well as after experiencing the nasty drawbacks that many of these OTC treatments carry.

Natural herbal remedies for hair loss have already been proven time and again of being very effective at fighting the problem. They cost much less than other treatments for hair loss, they carry no bad side effects and bring positive results in terms of preventing loss of hair, stopping hair loss as well as re-growing the hair.

Here are a few fine herbs which make for excellent men and women hair loss treatments;

1.) Aloe Vera: The gel or extract of Aloe Vera, which you can get by slicing the leaves of the plant open, is widely recognized for its capacity to calm and soothe irritated skin. It helps protect the hair and scalp and can also treat minor scalp infections and dandruff problem.

2.) Rosemary: Rosemary, or Rosmarinus as it is called in Latin, is popular for enhancing the growth and development of hair strands and enhancing dark and sheen locks.

3.) Dong Quai: This customary Chinese herb contains phytoestrogens which decreases the amount of DHT within the body. For that reason, this fine herb is therefore believed to reverse and prevent hair loss in women and men.

4.) Saw Palmetto: This is a tiny creeping palm, which is scientifically known as Serenoa Repens. It contains phytosterols and essential fatty acids that hinder the transformation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and reduces the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme which contributes significantly to androgenic alopecia.