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Symptoms of Vaginal Thrush

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Vaginal thrush is one of the most common illnesses women are encountering these days. This condition can oftentimes recur during a number of periods in a woman’s life. And although it is something that is not life threatening, the condition brings about great discomfort as well as embarrassment to the individual affected by it.

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The common symptoms of thrush include an itchy or burning sensation in the genital area. Redness can also manifest. The good this is that this condition does spread towards the uterus or other areas of the body. Depending on individual differences, the intensity of the symptoms may vary; some will be lucky to not even feel the effects. Other women on the other hand will feel the effects to great effects up to such time that they will have a problem with their daily lives, including their sexual relationships. Sometimes, the condition will also manifest in a white or watery discharge.

Thrush is caused by Candida, a type of bacteria found in the vagina. Good bacteria are able to fight Candida naturally but sometimes they are unable to do so especially if the woman has been taking in antibiotics or going through pregnancy. One factor that induces the prominence of Candida is a warm and damp environment. Wearing underwear or pants from synthetic fibers therefore, might increase the chances of developing this illness.

Thrush can be treated with the use of pills or home remedies but sometimes, the treatment may not come easy. This happens if the woman does not medicate correctly or if the symptoms need another type of treatment in which case a doctor’s advice would be very important.

Pregnant women will also find the task of curing the condition hard so it’s important that the moment the symptoms arise a doctor must be told about the issue immediately.

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