0 Comments | Apr 05, 2010

The Not-So-Silent Killer

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Stress in the workplace has long been linked with adverse health consequences, and one could spend a lifetime or two reading studies that explore stress’ harmful consequences.

But that doesn’t mean that businesses have done much about it.

Employers have added enough work hours over the past 25 years to fill a 13th work month, and most employees are electronically connected to work while they’re at home as well. It’s getting harder and harder to truly walk away from work to relax and unwind, and employees are suffering from the effects of stress as a consequence.

A Cure for Burnout recently released the results of a survey revealing that 77% of employees feel burned out on their jobs. An unrealistic workload, tight deadlines, last-minute projects, and stressful interpersonal relationships at work contributed to stress levels. We’ve done a ton of research on the subject (which we’ve put together for you in a white paper), and it turns out that unmanaged stress in the workplace leads directly to significant business losses.

I don’t think anyone would contend that a burned-out employee is likely to be performing at optimum levels, and it’s encouraging that many employers are at least becoming sufficiently aware of the problem to begin considering meaningful action. But it might be time to take the next step. Consider adding a Vacation Wellness™ program to your employee wellness and benefit suite. Destination vacations are a great way for staff to reduce stress, and your business will benefit from a rejuvenated workforce.

Some stress is necessary for peak performance, but most workplaces are already past the point of diminishing returns. Is yours among them?