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The Vicious Circle of Anxiety and How to Break It

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Anxiety is the most common mental disorder. Anxiety in a dangerous situation is a natural reaction. Such stimulated response prepares body to take action. It becomes problem when symptoms of anxiety occur without any apparent danger and hangs over there even when no stimulated actions are required. This condition calls for the need to control anxiety.

Anxiety produces many bodily symptoms that seem very frightening. In fact, more dangerous than these symptoms are the anxiety of confronting them again. The result is more anxiety. It creates the first chain of vicious circle of anxiety.

Over a period, victims of anxiety tend to anticipate anxiety in various situations. They become anxious of becoming anxious.  In return, it brings a lot more anxiety.

People suffering from anxiety develop escapism and isolation with time. They start avoiding situation that involves social interaction or participation like going for shop, attending functions etc. This results in the condition of Agoraphobia where person is extremely afraid of stepping out of the house.

One many find temporary relief by escaping but in makes anxiety worse as person eventually starts worrying about how he/she will be able to avoid similar situation next time. It also makes the situation more difficult to face next time. With this attitude person develops more tendency to avoid more and more things.

Thus, the vicious circle of anxiety keeps growing and takes forms of many critical anxiety disorders like panic attacks, social phobia, agoraphobia, obsessive and compulsive disorder etc.

Nonetheless, anxiety still remains the most curable disease. The first step for overcoming panic attacks and anxiety disorders is to accept them as natural reactions of body and not to fear them. Apart from cultivating positive attitude and better understanding of your responses; practicing relaxation exercises and meditations brings you natural anxiety relief. If anxiety disorder has grown critical, one may need to undergo some therapeutically treatment s for curing anxiety.

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