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Three Main Types of Vitamins for Your Brain

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Finding the best memory vitamins can be quite confusing as there are so many products flooding the market these days. To help you out, this article will be discussing the things that you need to know about supplements, vitamins and memory enhancement. Studies have shown that there are three main types of brain vitamins that you should make a part of your daily life. These essential nutrients are guaranteed to boost up your memory retention, concentration and the entire well-being of your brain.

The first one is called B Vitamins. These nutrients act as a protective shield for the neurons in your brain. They protect it from the harmful effects of toxins and wastes that may build up in your system. Vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and Folic Acid are some of the examples of B vitamins. They stimulate the production of red blood cells which are known to carry the needed oxygen in the brain. It’s very easy to make this type of vitamins for brain a part of your diet as there are many kinds of food that are rich in them. Spinach, strawberries, black beans and citrus fruits are just some of the things that make up the list.

Antioxidants are also essential for the proper function of the brain. Examples of this are vitamin C and E. They are effective in eliminating the free radicals in your bloodstream. Free radicals are harmful toxins that may impair the neurons in your brain. By keeping a sufficient amount of antioxidant present in your body, you are also protecting the basic structures of your brain. Sweet potatoes, red tomatoes, broccoli, green tea and nuts are excellent sources of antioxidants.

The third type is the infamous omega-3 fatty acid. Although this fatty acid is not really a kind of vitamin, it is an important kind of fat that can enrich your mental wellness. Unlike the bad fats, omega-3 fatty acid is beneficial to your health and body. It protects the brain from high cholesterol and inflammation. This is the reason why it is considered to be an essential brain nutrient. Good sources of this fatty acid include cold-water fishes and walnuts.

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