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Zoescent’s Vacation Wellness™ is an employee benefit program.

It’s designed to help reduce your business’ healthcare cost burden, lower your company’s employee turnover expenses, improve your employees’ performance at work, and give your employees something to smile about!

Vacation Wellness™ achieves those results through stress reduction, which lowers employee heart attack and depression risks, reduces employee turnover, improves motivation, increases productivity, and reduces risk of injury on the job.

Employee Vacation Wellness™ program members gain access to premium 4- and 5-star vacations, planned and hosted by professionals, at up to 70% discounts from the next best online price.

Our program is optimized for:

  • Recently downsized firms
  • Employers with self-funded insurance plans
  • Professional firms (healthcare, law, accounting, consulting, engineering, architecture)
  • Sales divisions of businesses in all industries
  • Software and IT firms
  • Marketing and design businesses
  • Businesses with healthcare cost, turnover expense, or employee productivity concerns

Discover how much you stand to gain – request a Vacation Wellness™specification sheet today.