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If you’re like most Americans, you’re feeling stressed, burned out, tired, and overworked.

We’re here to help you restore life balance and nurture your most important relationships.

And we do it in an unexpectedly simple way: destination vacations.

Not just paid time off to catch up on household chores.

Not just a weekend at the in-laws’.

And definitely not just a glorified telecommute.

We’re talking about an actual vacation. Pack the swimsuits, camera, and suntan lotion, and prepare for serious fun.

Dig your toes in the sand on an exotic beach you thought you could never afford to visit, get to know the spouse you once looked at with a gleam in your eye, and become reacquainted with the kids who seem to grow inches by the minute.

A good vacation takes you to a different world, one so physically, mentally, and emotionally far away from the daily grind that you actually have time to do the unthinkable: Think. Relax. Enjoy. Recover. Unwind.

Taking great vacations gives you and your family the time to relax, the space to decompress, and the memories to last a lifetime. And believe it or not, your boss needs you to take great vacations. You’re sharper, smarter, more productive, and better when you’re relaxed and rested.

Didn’t think you could afford a destination vacation? We make it possible for you and your family to experience five-star vacations at wholesale prices or better. And we take care of all the planning for you.

If you’re an employee wondering how you can afford to slow down, get away, decompress, and most of all, give your family priceless and lifelong memories, we’re ready to help. We make it easier, more convenient, and less expensive than you thought possible. Ask us how it works.

If you’re a PEO, business owner, manager, human resources officer, or executive looking for an innovative and elegant way to reengage your most precious asset, improve productivity, slash health care costs, and keep your key talent from leaving you for your competition, we’re ready to help you find solutions.