What Is Vacation Wellness?

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Zoescent’s Vacation Wellness™ is an employee benefit program designed to

  • Reduce your business’ healthcare cost burden
  • Lower your company’s employee turnover rate and costs
  • Improve your employees’ performance and engagement at work
  • Give your employees something to smile about!

Vacation Wellness™ achieves those results through the restorative power of destination vacations.

Employee Vacation Wellness™ Benefit Program members gain access to premium 4- and 5- star vacations, planned by professional travel agents, at 30% to 70% off the next-best online price.

That’s a boon for your company, because employees who vacation regularly are:

  • Up to 53% less likely to suffer heart attacks
  • Three times less likely to develop depression – the costliest health problem for employers
  • More productive
  • Twice as likely to stay with your company

Our program achieves optimum results if your company self-funds employee insurance plans, has recently downsized, or if your business employs:

  • Professionals (healthcare providers, lawyers, engineers, architects, accountants, executives)
  • Sales staff
  • Software and IT experts
  • Skilled labor
  • Personnel for whom safety is a major concern (equipment operators, construction personnel, assembly workers)

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