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White Paper Research on Diet Drops

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Harold W. Harper M.D. and W.L. Asher, M.D. of The American Society of Bariatric Physicians Research Council in Colorado conducted a study on 20 patients who were given HCG hormone paired with lower calorie diets of 500-800 calories everyday as a part of the HCG diet. These 20 women were compared with women in other group that were only given placebo.

The result of this study, which was published in Vol. 26, pp.211-218 of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that the women in the first group that received actual HCG lost considerably more weight. The average weight loss per dose of HCG was higher in these women. Moreover, they also lost bigger percent of their initial weight.

The results regarding feeling good to excellent and reports of little or no hunger was much better in the HCG group compared to the placebo group. The doctors who carried out the study conducted additional research about the HCG influence to help people to reduce weight, minimize appetite and observe better sense of well being during the diet.

Various HCG diet studies were conducted and the methods used and the results obtained are available for any person to take a look at them. An average of 20,000 telephone calls and 15,000 emails per month is received by our diet support team from dieters who wish to know tips, instructions and recipes or who want to order more HCG products or report their weight loss progress. Hence we have our own sufficient proof to know the best hcg drops on the market.

The summaries of the study like the one mentioned above support our dieter’s testimonies over a period of time. HCG diet drops are very useful in aiding weight loss and controlling cravings and appetite. The HCG drops enables serious dieters to attain their weight loss goals without compromising their health and wellness compared to a very strict diet plan which is almost unrealistic and unhealthy. This is a major contributing factor to the success of HCG 1234 dieter’s capacity to shed weight and make considerable changes in the life style including choices of foods and sizes of portion, level of physical activity, and an improved life quality which greatly affects careers, relationships and hobbies.