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World Spa, Ananada in the Himalayas

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If you think of the word spa it conjures up a world of sensual delights, where heady lingering fragrances permeate the air and skilled therapists are on hand to guide your body back into harmony  and balance through a medley of massages and treatments, enhanced by the use of exotic blends of ointments, rare herbs, fragrant oils and precious spices. All of this and more you can expect to find at the opulent Raj inspired destination Spa, known as Ananda which was recently voted the best spa in the world by the Travel and leisure magazine.

What sets Ananda apart from the rest is its absolutely magical setting in the foothills of the Himalayas, set in 100 acres of grounds guests are treated to luxury accommodation and unparallel views of the river Ganges, which is further complimented by an extensive spa menu of over 80 treatments. Ananda’s exotic range of therapies draws from the wisdom of the world’s most ancient of healing and beauty therapies, that are combined with the sophistication of modern spa techniques. The menu of treatments still keep their roots firmly planted in Ayurvedic medicine but its also combined with a global fusion of therapies from herbal Thai spa treatments to Shiatsu massage, through to Hawaiian body wraps and Indonesian facials that are all designed with one aim in mind, to completely relax and rejuvenate the mind body and soul. Yoga is at the heart of the Ananda wellness program and offers the ideal location for this practice set amongst the lush Himalayan Sal forest, this really is the place to experience the true spirit of Yoga.

Ultimately the Ananda spa experience is a deeply spiritual one where every aspect of your stay is catered for, it is a truly wonderful experience of a life time where you can go to pay homage to nature that is truly at its most spectacular