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The quickest way to lose weight safely

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What is the quickest way to lose weight safely?

The quickest way to lose weight safely also happens to be the best way to keep the weight off sustainably over time.  That’s drastically different than a crash diet designed to dehydrate and deflate you, leaving you a slightly parched version of your still-fat self.  That’s not safe weight loss, and you should avoid it unless you’re an athlete under the supervision of a physician.

The quickest way to lose fat is a drastically different question than just losing weight, which can be done through a number of short-term techniques.  What we’re after is a long-term clean eating plan and a method to learn how to reduce weight naturally, then keep the unwanted fat off sustainably after that.  We’ll scratch both itches here.

It’s very simple, and it has very few rules.  That’s a good deal for you, because it means that you have lots of options to find healthy foods that you enjoy eating.

  1. Eat meats or other healthy protein sources.  I lost 42 pounds in 7 months, and have kept it off for over three years now, and I never discriminated against beef.  You can eat the kinds of meats you enjoy.
  2. Eat lots of vegetables. They’re delicious.  They’re good for you.  Don’t buy them in a frozen bag.  Buy them as fresh as humanly possible, and eat them fresh as well.  If you must cook them, do so sparingly, as the nutrients leach out during cooking.
  3. Eat seeds and nuts. Yes, they have fats in them.  Fat is good for you.  Eating fat doesn’t make you fat, so get that out of your head.  You’re going to be creating the metabolic conditions wherein your body burns fat for energy, so don’t be afraid of dietary fat.
  4. Enjoy some fruits. Don’t go overboard here, as modern fruits have been genetically engineered to be high in fructose, so they’re a little more sugary than we’d like.  But they’re a good source of nutrients, and you should enjoy them in moderation.
  5. Minimize starches, and avoid breads altogether. Rice and potatoes are OK in moderation.  Breads are not.  They’re high in gluten, which our digestive tracts are not evolved to handle, and they cause insulin spikes.  Bad news.
  6. No sugar. Sorry, but your sugar blast soda, orange juice, or “energy drink” have got to go, and you need to put down the jelly donut.  Sugar is the number one cause of obesity, and it’s the number one reason you’re overweight.  Step away from the chocolate cake.

Nothing cosmic!  It just takes a bit of willpower at the beginning, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you grow to love healthy foods.  Eating this way is both the quickest and safest way to lose weight.