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Vacation Packages Made Easy

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Ready to get out of town for a few days?  Not quite up for the planning hassle?

Vacation Wellness™ makes easy work out of vacation planning, by giving employee members access to over 400 professionally-planned vacations packages every year, at discounts of up to 30% to 70%.  Employees just log in to their member site, choose their vacation package, click, order, and done.  No surfing between spa resort sites, travel booking engines, or sketchy “book now or else!” sites.

There are plenty of other vacation packages available on the internet, but each comes with its own set of questions:  Who planned the vacation packages? What does the spa resort really look like?  When they say “all inclusive vacations,” what do they really mean?

Vacation packages available through the Vacation Wellness™ Employee Benefit Program help you book your spa resort or all inclusive vacations with confidence.  Each trip is planned by a professional travel agent, whose name and email address are right on the booking page.  And all of the fine print pertaining to your vacation package is visible right up front, prior to booking.  On many Vacation Wellness™ excursions, and on all Vacation Wellness™ Luxury Vacations, an in-person host is provided at your destination to help you book spa retreats, excursions, luxury outings, sightseeing tours, and mini-trips.  No surprises and no hassles.

Why would your employer offer such a program?  Because it’s good for business!  Watch a short video to see how Vacation Wellness™ improves employee quality of life while enhancing company profitability.

We’ll see you on the beach!