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We are proud to partner with industry-leading national and regional Professional Employer Organizations, as well as select benefits brokerages.

We understand that client businesses rely on you to provide high ROI employment solutions. We can augment your effectiveness and profitability in five key ways:

  1. Our unique program provides your client businesses with a high-return strategy to reduce employment costs, attract and retain talent, and boost productivity.
  2. The employees you serve with our Vacation Wellness™ Program enjoy improved work-life balance, reduced stress, better performance, and fewer preventable illnesses.
  3. Our distinctive employee wellness benefit is a natural companion to all four major types of health insurance plans, and can help reduce healthcare claim volume and expense.
  4. We offer flexible employee participation options for implementation among your client businesses.
  5. Your PEO or brokerage will enjoy attractive revenues, full-service support, and flexible participation opportunities.

Stand out from the crowd. Offer your employees premium, professionally planned destination vacations at wholesale prices or lower. Offer your client businesses better employee retention, lower healthcare expenditures, greater productivity, and higher profits. Add value and revenue at the same time.

Explore whether a partnership is right for your PEO or benefits brokerage.