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Inversion Therapy Consumer Options: Inversion Tables, Chairs, And Gravity Boots

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Inversion therapy

Inversion therapy is essentially hanging upside down to try and negate the negative effects of gravity. Inversion tables, inversion chairs, and gravity boots are all tools that accomplish this task.

Inversion Tables:
– They usually cost a couple of hundred dollars for a home machine. Professional ones can cost a couple of thousand dollars (insurance may help cover the cost if you have a doctor’s prescription). As long as you don’t need a professional model, they are very affordable, and much more affordable than surgery.

-Easy To Use – An inversion table is kind of like a teeter totter in form. You set the height adjustment, clamps your ankles, in, and then slowly raise your arms above your head to begin inversion. IT is a good idea to have a spotter the first couple of times that you use one, but in general, they are very easy to use.

-Flexible – Most models allow you to preset the angle that you wish to invert to. This takes all the guess work out, and allows you to invert slightly or completely.

-Compact – While not as small as gravity boots, inversion tables can usually be folded down and fit nicely in a closet.


-Ankle Clamps – Many complain that the ankle clamps are uncomfortable or too hard to reach with an injured back. However some teeter inversion tables, have remedied this with their new EP-950 model.

Inversion Chairs

-They are wonderful for those who have hip issues. It allows them to sit and gain some of the benefits of inversion without further injuring themselves.

-You can not obtain a complete inversion

-They are more expensive in general.

Gravity Boots:

-Smaller and easier to store than an inversion table.

– More freedom than an inversion table, you can twist and turn if desired

-Less safe

-Requires strength to get into an inverted position. You have to be able to swing your legs to a chin up bar and lock the boots in.