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Low calorie recipes – only half the battle

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Low calorie recipes for weight loss?

If you’re battling a bit of extra bulge, it’s difficult to sort reality from the sea of “conventional weight loss wisdom.”  Most weight loss information is completely incorrect, and perhaps the most prolific and proliferated bit of misinformation relates to the relationship between calories and weight.

Conventional wisdom says this:  Calories in – Calories burned = FAT.  Therefore, popular myth holds, losing weight is just a matter of “burning” more calories than you consume.  You “burn” calories through the activities of daily living as well as by exercising.

There’s only one problem with this equation:  it’s flat wrong.  They types of calories you consume bear far more heavily on your heaviness than the pure number of calories you take in.

We know this intuitively; nobody would argue that 100 calories worth of broccoli is metabolically identical to 100 calories of jelly donut (that would be about five bites, by the way).

It’s all about what you eat.

The right kind of low calorie recipes

There is a kernel of truth in the movement toward controlling the number of calories you consume.  You shouldn’t overeat.  Consuming large quantities per sitting can induce excess insulin, which has a host of negative side effects, not the least of which is systemic inflammation and excess fat storage.

That said, the calorie quotient takes care of itself when you choose the right kinds of foods.  There simply isn’t enough stomach space to grossly overeat when you’re eating the right kinds of foods in your low calorie recipes.

The right foods for your low calorie recipes

What foods should you eat?  Following this simple dietary prescription will help generate the metabolic conditions necessary to consume fat for metabolic energy, rather than just blood sugars.  This will be a far more effective weight loss strategy than merely counting calories.  You won’t need to count calories, because eating the right foods will automatically generate effective low calorie recipes.

Here they are (also see our post on fat burning foods and weight loss tips):

  • Eat sufficient proteins. Contrary to popular myth, meat isn’t evil.
  • Eat vegetables. If in doubt, eat more vegetables.  Eat the ones you love, but be sure to sample a wide variety in your diet.
  • Eat seeds and nuts. Another completely false dietary belief is that eating fats makes you fat.  Your body is designed to consume fat for energy.  Moderation applies, of course, but nuts are completely OK.
  • Enjoy fruit in moderation. Not fruit juice, which is all sugar and no fiber; eat raw, natural fruit.
  • Cut down on starches. Drop breads from your diet.  Enjoy potatoes and rice in moderation.
  • Cut out sugar. This is the most important step in regaining control of your waist line.  You can enjoy an occasional dessert (once per week or so), but you need to get sugar out of your world otherwise.  It’s the leading cause of obesity in America.

There you have it.  Everything you need to create healthy low calorie recipes for sustainable good health.

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