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Why You Should Learn CPR Now!

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Less than 10% of those who have a cardiac arrest will survive unless they were lucky to have it in hospital.  We need to find ways to change this depressing figure as our family could be the next one in mourning for a loved one. Can you really afford to sit back and do nothing?

You may wonder why the statistics are so poor.  Well the first issue is the fact that sudden cardiac arrest is rarely preceded by any symptoms. Often people are alone when it happens.  They could be out jogging or at home and there is no one around to help.  The second issue is that people are frightened to provide assistance. Some have a fear of being sued.  They think they could make the situation worse but this would be difficult as the person who had the arrest is going to die unless help is given. They may still die but at least you would have tried to save their life. If someone started CPR immediately, they can increase that person’s chance of survival. Better yet, if someone uses an AED, the victim’s chances double or treble those of someone who doesn’t get help. Finally, some people just aren’t ever going to go to the aid of a stranger.  That is their choice but what will they do if a cardiac arrest strikes their husband, mother, father or even worse, their child?  Call the emergency services and while waiting for them arrive, watch their loved one die?

There is no age limit in most American Heart Association CPR classes although they would like kids to be old enough to understand the implications of what they are doing.  They will also need the body strength to be able to do chest compressions at the correct rate and depth. If you have teenagers, why not book the whole family into CPR classes and learn together.   This is a much better use of your time than watching TV.