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A Natural Cure For Insomnia

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Insomnia is a medical condition characterized by lack of sleep for a prolonged period. The main causes of insomnia are stress at work, depression or an underlying medical condition. The best way of curing insomnia is by first, identifying the cause. If it is due to depression, then seek treatment from a doctor.

A natural cure for insomnia proves by far to be the most effective remedy as far as side effects are concerned, without forgetting the cost benefits. Here are some of the ways in which we can alleviate this condition. First, ensure that you spend less time in bed. This will enable you to learn to appreciate the bed as a sleeping place and not a place to rest.

Secondly, exercise regularly. Exercising is a very effective tool of combating insomnia. When you exercise, you subject yourself to bodily exhaustion which is a good catalyst for sleep. Exercise is also good for curing depression; in addition, exercises will help you burn excess calories in the body, which is the major cause of heart problems.

Avoid watching television in the bed. Having a television in the bedroom creates the impression of a living room and this may keep you awake for long hours so that you can be entertained. Ensure that your bedroom has dim lighting, as bright lighting may also hinder you from sleeping.

Before going to bed, engage yourself in a relaxing activity like watching the television, reading a newspaper article, or relaxing in the moonlight. You can also have a notepad beside your bed for writing down the things which are really bothering you. With these issues documented, you can now design a plan of action for sorting them out rather than worrying about them all night long.

You should avoid alcohol before bedtime. Even though alcohol is a stimulant and a relaxer, you will find that though you sleep easily, you will always wake up the moment all the alcohol has been eliminated in the blood stream.

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