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Redundancy insurance

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What is redundancy insurance?

Also known as redundancy cover or unemployment insurance, redundancy insurance provides income for a short period of time should you be made redundant at work.

What types of redundancy insurance are available?

There are two main types of redundancy insurance available.

  • Mortgage or other loan redundancy insurance. You may insure up to a maximum of around 90% of your salary, depending on your carrier.  The percentage is capped at a pound figure for most policies.  The benefit payment begins after between 30 and 90 days of consecutive unemployment, depending on your policy provisions, and ends after a specified number of payments.
  • Salary insurance. You may insure up around 90% of your total monthly income amount.  Again, after 30 to 90 days of consecutive unemployment, the benefit payment commences.  Here again, the policy payments discontinue after a specified number of months or payments, depending upon your policy particulars.

You may also purchase redundancy or involuntary unemployment insurance in conjunction with accident and sickness insurance, if your insurance carrier offers all three options (most do).

What are common redundancy insurance exclusions?

There are several common exclusions that apply to most redundancy insurance policies.  Insurers place these limitations in effect in order to prevent abuse, and to keep their risk index relatively low.

Common situations not covered by redundancy insurance:

  • Back pain or backache
  • Elective surgery or optional procedure
  • Dismissal
  • HIV or Post-Viral situations

Initial redundancy insurance exclusionary period

If you’re commencing redundancy insurance coverage, be aware that there is a 90- to 120-day initial moratorium period during which your policy will not pay the benefit should you become redundant or lose your position.
Redundancy insurance can be an effective way to protect yourself in uncertain economic times.

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