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Adult Acne Control for Natural Beauty

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An increasing number of adult women, many of whom have never suffered from acne as a teenager, find themselves suffering from late-onset acne.  There are a number of causes as to why this happens but hormone imbalance is often one of the main culprits. Hormones called androgens are male hormones that are both present in men and women, produce the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for oily skin and breakouts.  It is this oil surplus that is created by testosterone that is instrumental in clogging hair follicles where bacteria grows, thus causing acne pimples and blemishes to appear.

Generally the levels produced by the androgen and oestrogen hormone, naturally balance and create harmony for the skin.  During the menopause the oestrogen levels fall and progesterone levels rise.  This imbalance in the hormones causes acne to flare up, creating havoc on the skin and causing the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.   To counteract this problem often doctors may recommend a low prescription of the birth pill, as an acne control treatment, which acts as a blocker to the androgen receptors, working on the body internally, to buffer the effects of male hormones.  The birth control pill also helps to reduce blemishes, by keeping these androgens in line, which brought on the development of acne.   Some   natural beauty tips for the skin suggest that there are associated side effects with hormone therapy, so ensure you do your research well before deciding whether or not to embark on this kind of acne treatment.  Stress is also another big contributory factor as it can cause androgen production to rise, which in turn causes endocrine disorders, such as ovarian cysts known as polycystic ovarian syndrome.   These cysts can cause a major disruption in the hormones which can have a significant impact on the skin and acne flares up.

Other factors that contribute to adult acne are the use of steroids, anti depressants and some medications, fortunately there are a number of natural beauty products and remedies  for adult acne control that won’t be so hard on your skin from general creams and lotions to prescription medicines that help fight the bacteria in the skin and balance hormones naturally. There are also a number of non invasive advanced skin therapy treatments that can be used to kill off acne causing bacteria and have great results with acne scarring, that overtime will help to greatly improve your skin tone and texture.

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